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Chicago Granite and Marble Experts

Chicago Granite and Marble

As an installation and fabrication company, Chicago Granite and Marble, has installed a large number of kitchen granite countertops in the Chicago area. We offer multiplicity of natural granite and marble stone surfaces individuals to choose from that will most definitely please anyone with an idea of how they want to place granite in their living area. Our company is unquestionably proud of our Chicago kitchen granite slabs, which we pick from the mountains in exotic locations such as Brazil, India, and more. We like to travel the world to discover the most exquisite and elegant pieces of granite so you can have the kitchen granite countertops of your dreams.


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GMD Chicago Granite and Marble Designers

Kitchen Granite – consider remodeling.

When individuals consider remodeling their homes, they usually start with the kitchen countertops. The kitchen area is the centerpiece of your home, and putting in brand new cutting-edge granite countertops will not only add to the beauty of your home, but also its value and attraction to future homebuyers. Wherever you live in the suburbs or city, Chicago kitchen granite countertops are a great investment for your home.


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Your Local Chicago Kitchen Granite Countertops Experts

Kitchen Granite – long comitment

We grasp that this type of purchase is a very long commitment, and that is why we take the business we do so seriously. We specially pick out the most unique and colorful granite countertop slabs from different mountainsides and deliver them straight to you. We welcome all of you to take a look at all our granite pieces until you find the perfect one to replace your aged kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, or other surface. Then, we take the slab of your choice and reconstruct it to a luxurious Chicago kitchen granite countertop.


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If you live in the Greater Chicago Area and want a High Quality Granite countertop for your Kitchen or Bath then you are in right place. Welcome to Chicago Granite Countertops Experts. Our highly trained employees is dedicated to working with you from granite stone selection, digital granite template to final granite countertop fabrication and installation. We are granite and marble countertop professionals with focus on our customers and quality workmanship. We constantly strive to achieve top-level excellence in the granite and marble countertop industry.