Over the years, GMD Chicago has become a leader in Illinois in the fabrication of natural stone and quartz.


We provide services with high quality and have high standards. Using the top machines and CNC technology on the market, which provides our customers with the finished product being at a high level. Our team is made up of experienced professionals in the industry, which allows us to offer higher quality and standards.


We have production facilities equipped with modern granite machinery and technology, which we constantly expand to cope with the ever-growing demands and needs of our customers. With this we are proud of the thousands of satisfied customers, who understand and appreciate our professionalism, perfectionism, punctuality, and overall quality of our company; in return recommend our services to friends and family, which we consider as the highest recognition and trust for us.


Having a selection of granite and marble available helps us offer more variety and fast turnaround. Having the availability of several colors also allows us to quickly move forward and begin fabrication once a selection is made. If one is in search of different colors, GMD works with all warehouses in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas to meet all of our customers’ needs.


We understand not having a functional kitchen can be difficult and inconvenient. We are proud to offer and inform our customers that we set a benchmark set at 2 days from the day we template your kitchen. We also can offer to remove and dispose of your old countertops. Various companies offer anywhere from weeks to months to fabricate and install your countertops. Understanding our customers’ needs, we worked hard and productively to shorten this time.


Having top technological tools available allows us to cut down time as well as costs and mistakes. GMD has several tools for the process from fabrication to installation of your countertops to assure the quality, perfection, and turnaround our customers require and expect from us.


Granite and marble are natural stones and no slab is the same.
We understand each customer has different design needs and ideas for the slab they choose. With accordance to patterns or colors, everyone has a vision for their countertops. We will help you choose the most suitable slab and work with you where sections will go; how the slab will be cut and help you customize your own countertops. All of your ideas, sink cutout placement; how the vein will run through your kitchen; will be decisions you can make and we will help you.
We want you to customize and design your unique and beautiful new kitchen.


Now you know how we operate, you can understand our pricing is not an advertising move, but an effect of efficient management, experienced professionals, and top technology. With the ability to buy a large selection of colors in bulk we have the competitive edge to offer aggressive pricing. This also puts us a step ahead of competitors by offering fast delivery and turnaround time along with competitive prices. Our equipment, experience, material on hand and customer service lowers our costs and we give those savings to customers by offering competitive pricing.

Granite and Marble Services