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Kitchen Granite Countertops: Granite Care

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Kitchen Granite Countertops: Granite Care

My Kitchen Granite Countertop has suffered lost to its shine
- How can I restore it?

As Chicago kitchen granite countertops have become highly preferred in many kitchens worldwide, kitchen granite countertops are now designed to come in a large range of colors, all of them with enhanced durability and high-end looks. However, kitchen granite countertops, just like any surface, needs specific care in order to contain its attractive shine and function.

For example, if you don’t care properly for your kitchen granite countertop, its surface can become dull and lifeless very easily. Well you are in luck. You can restore your kitchen granite countertops to its original shine with only a minute of your time. Below is the best way to return your kitchen granite countertops back to its original shine

All you need to clean your kitchen granite countertops is a liquid dishwashing detergent or a granite-safe cleaner, a micro fiber cloth and quality granite polishes. Start by carefully cleaning your  granite countertop with the micro fiber cloth and cleaner before beginning to polish its surface. Ascertain that you use a granite-safe cleaner or a liquid dishwashing detergent that had a neutral PH. Make sure you use a SAFE granite countertop cleaner and not a cleaner with strong chemicals. You want your kitchen granite countertop clean and polished, not dull. Next, once your countertop is clean and dry, you will have to apply the chosen granite polish – make sure that you use this polish to the whole granite surface.

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The manufacturer’s instructions are to be followed in the right order to apply and remove the granite polish in the appropriate way. Granite countertop polish is designed to protect the granite surface from alcohol, cleaners and food acids that can damage this natural stone. Also, you will have to use some clean water and rinse off any extra polish residue. Make sure that you rub away any streaks or smears by using the micro fiber cloth. We hope you are satisfied with your Chicago Granite and Marble experience.

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