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Kitchen Granite Countertops – how to clean…

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Kitchen Granite Countertops – how to clean…

Kitchen Granite Countertops – keep granite countertops nice and clean.

Kitchen Granite countertops and granite tile are one of the most commonly used surfaces in home building and home remodelling projects.

Kitchen Granite is the most tough of all kitchen finishing materials. Kitchen Granite, being created from molten rock, can withstand the heat from a hot pot without a trivet. The hardness of the top is excellent for handling dough and confectionery. Kitchen Granite is durable and low maintenance,but is  not impervious to damage. Properly installed granite countertops should last a lifetime, one justification for the higher costs associated with the material and installation. Chicago Kitchen Granite as a granite countertops suppler  provide personalized instructions for care with each slab, since all granite is made up of many different minerals. Even if two different stone slabs come from the same part of the world, there will be variances in the granite that require different kinds of attention.

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Kitchen Granite Countertops..

care ensures the longevity and beauty expected from this premium product. Care for Kitchen Granite Countertops finish begins with daily attention to what is placed on the surface. Granite countertops are hard and can withstand a falling can of soup, but the granite polished surface is a bit more delicate. Never use the kitchen granite as a cutting surface, always use a cutting board. Avoid allowing acidic foods such as lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks to be left on the surface for any amount of time, as they can etch the surface. Another thing that removes the polished shine from kitchen granite counter tops are harsh cleaning products or abrasive cleansers (liquid or powder). To clean the surface without leaving streaks, use only a small amount of warm water with a ph balanced dishwashing liquid.

Granite is a very beautiful stone that adds color and warmth to any kitchen.
With just a little care to protect their beauty and utility, granite countertops
will last a lifetime.

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