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Kitchen Granite Countertops: while transferring

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Kitchen Granite Countertops: while transferring

Several points to consider while transferring Granite Countertops

Chicago Kitchen Granite Countertops are known for their extreme strength and spectacular resistance. But did you know before  Kitchen Granite countertops are installed, they can be quite fragile. Individuals must know that with the right tools and the preparation necessary, Kitchen Granite countertops can be installed with minimal strain. Granite’s nature is rigid, so it will definitely be resistant to any cracks when properly installed.

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Chicago Granite Experts: Granite Countertops Installing:

When one is installing Chicago granite slabs for specific cabinets, one should check if there is enough support to even install Granite; if not, then the stone can be heavily damaged. This is simple, if you want no cracks on your Granite, then make sure there is support.  And if you do not know if you have enough support, then be sure to ask one of our Chicago Granite Experts. When transporting granite or glass, make sure it is on a vertical edge.  We say this because from our experience, if the Granite is laid on its back then cracks will appear when the vehicle comes across bumps in the road. If needed, Chicago Granite Experts will provide wooden supports when carrying the Granite stone.

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Chicago Granite Experts: Granite Countertops Carrying:

Never carry Granite or Granite Countertop by yourself. Make sure there is someone with you whenever you are transporting granite. Carrying the granite by yourself is not a possibility. When carrying the Granite to a vehicle, always makes sure it is vertical, never horizontal. Life one side, and have your partner lift the other so you will have the balance needed to transport the Granite or Granite Countertop.

If you have any questions feel free to contact
Chicago Granite Experts.

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